Thursday, April 30, 2009

Song of Season For My Country

Puisi ini dikasih sama The Dandelion Flowa buat Yellow Spot. Unfortunately, ketika puisi ini diberikan Yellow Spot sudah masuk tim desain dan agak sulit untuk dikutak-katik. Jadi, puisi ini hanya bisa dipublikasi di blog saya. Gak papa kan Sar?

Song of The Season For My Country

All around me the worlds looks and feels beautiful
But why my eyes are never dried?
Is it because my heart were thousands miles away?
Watching, hoping, and praying
With millions of pepole in my lovely lovely country
That new season would also dawned upon there
Will There ever be a way out
To those in poverty, in starvation in undernourishment
To those in their deathbeds
No medical treatment within their reach
Or to those stuck in their put of illiteracy
Or maybe we already made our own mistakes
By giving our trust to those who lead us in to this misery
And fooled their own people to
Be tramped, slaved, or even sold
To the-so-called powerful countries while they're
Laughing, dancing, and prancing about
Will we let this country's fighters of freedom
Cry in their graves
Or will we ever buy our dignity back
And let the new cool and peaceful wind blows stradily
Where justice is for everyone
Giving our country a prosperous reason
Each and every season in the future

Terima kasih Dandelion untuk puisi musimnya, I like it!

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