Monday, March 21, 2011

Sweet Home

A nice and touchy writing from my friend in mailing list. Enjoy it!

Living Happily in a Humble Palace

Home is more than just a place to hide from the heat sun…to shade from wet cold rain… or even merely to sleep. Home functions as irreplaceable place where family can weave dreams with warmth. A place where everyone is overwhelmed with perfect love and affection. A place where no one should never feel alone and neglected.

But what do really happen in today’s homes? Some still function as they are…many others don’t…They just remain vividly the building, only. The warmth inside goes too hot till everyone melts. The coolness turns too cold then no one could avoid freezing. Simply, society starts to deplete due to the degraded home functions. Then, everyone is complaining why this happen.

Let me illustrate the lost of warmth from home in which it should exist. We know that family consists of father, mother (at least), son, daughter and probably the extended family. When one of family members loses his/her temper due to some reasons and he/she expresses it in the home, the tension inside is going increasingly stronger. Small issue could be very serious. Perhaps the best description of it is like when a detonator of bomb is exposed to fire. Only a second, conflict explodes tremendously…spreading the debris of a broken home. Father pours his office problem into his home inconsiderably. Mother responds it with no mercy. The level of anger simply starts to over range. Meanwhile their offspring get affected inevitably. Rudeness then penetrates their minds…teaching them to act like what their parents do. In such over heated situation, home is going to melt away.

In another hand, family may experience getting frozen inside. Father has less talk to his kids, too much interested in his money-making activity. Mother is away busy with her beauty stuff. Father feeds up his family with money continually, anytime. Mother hardly caresses her son and daughter. The parent has plundered the children’s right. As a result, the kids attempt to get some attention by crying, breaking some toys, even try a bit of drugs. They tend to be out of control but more creative to create some problems. The worst thing is when they do not recognize who their mom and dad are…

In the day, adults come out at an area which is called work place when the kids are optimally growing up and happily playing a game. In the night – even more very late night – they go home when their kids are already in their dream world. Each member just sees at a glance and says hello then sinks in endless business. Home is going so cold. Even the power of smile would not give any progression. So much colder from day to day till everyone is buried in his/her own frozen grave. So tell me where the function of home?

Home…should be brought back to its origin.
A place where a husband can be the shield from any storm for his wife and kids.
A place where a wife would act as the best nanny and educator in the world.
A playground for children to learn and thrive the wisdom in a joyful way.

To create a real home does not mean to build any luxurious palace. Not necessarily to have everything inside it. Physical building might help family evolves happiness, however intangible noble properties play more roles to bring felicity into one’s home.

There is something money could not buy. Love.
And there is another thing a palace might not provide. Affection.

The real palace would be your own home. Your humble one. Regardless of its shape. Regardless of its architectural design. The home with full of love and affection. The home which reflects happiness of heaven.

Yeah, let's build your HOME SWEET HOME…^_^


So, is your home already a nice place to live and a sweet destination to escape? If it isn't so, let's build it! :)

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